• Logistics Solutions - Furniture


    Case study
    We have encountered numerous issues such as incorrect shipping labels, consecutive shipping mistakes leading to delays, large-scale loss of items, inaccurate inventory, and inability to contact the person in charge.


    We offer a one-stop cross-border logistics service including first-leg sea freight, dropshipping, FBA forwarding, overseas warehousing, and after-sales hosting. As a trusted partner, we are the first 3PL to be authorized as the final point of contact for our company's clients.


    Guarantee from cooperating shipping companies and timeliness of goods transportation
    We offer a public warehousing network,capable of flexibly accessing warehouse capacity at variable costs.

  • Logistics Solutions -Fitness Equipment


    Case study
    The company possesses its own foreign warehouse in the United States, but its distribution is meager. This scarcity of overseas storage facilities critically impedes the company's dispatch timeliness, resulting in subpar customer experiences and negative user responses.


    Multi-warehouse layout, first-leg sea freight, dropshipping, FBA transshipment, overseas warehousing, after-sales custody, and other one-stop cross-border logistics services. 


    70% delivered within one day, 100% within two days.
    Renewed a multiyear contract in 2022, based on the customer’s satisfaction with our solution, with an expanded scope that includes new packaging activities
    Fulfilled approximately 12,000 shipments per year

  • Logistics Solutions -Energy Storage Device


    Case study
    Batteries and similar storage devices are classified as hazardous materials, posing significant risks in warehouse storage.


    Linktrans' overseas warehouse provides customers with customized hazardous goods storage solutions. These goods are stored in separate areas, equipped with 24-hour surveillance to monitor warehouse activities at all times, and security personnel are arranged for regular inspections.


    Order growth increased by more than 3 times
    Warehouse costs reduced by 50%
    The consolidated solution also dramatically reduced inventory and overhead costs.

  • Logistics Solutions -Toy


    Case study
    A toy manufacturing company is struggling with the logistics of transporting their products across borders. They are facing issues related to customs clearance, tariffs, and long transit times. The company is also concerned about the safety and integrity of their products during transit.


    Establishing efficient customs clearance procedures, and ensuring proper packaging to protect the toys during transit. Additionally, the plan would involve optimizing the transportation route to reduce transit times and costs.


    The entire order-management flow — from receiving to shipping — is efficient, transparent and secure.
    Cumulative shipments exceeding 50,000.

  • Logistics Solutions -Consumer Electronics


    Revolutionizing Fulfillment and Reverse Logistics with Cutting-Edge Automation


    At Linktrans, we're not just a logistics provider—we're pioneers in the field. We offer unrivaled fulfillment and reverse logistics services for the consumer electronics industry, harnessing the power of advanced automation to deliver efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness like never before.
    Our automated fulfillment system isn't just about getting your products to your customers—it's about doing it faster, smarter, and with pinpoint accuracy. We employ the latest technology to automate order picking, packing, and shipping processes, drastically reducing errors and supercharging efficiency.
    And when it comes to reverse logistics, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive services streamline the return and repair process, with automated systems that simplify handling returns, managing repairs, and restocking products. The result? Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, and a smoother operation all around.
    With Linktrans, you're not just getting a service—you're getting a revolution in logistics. We're committed to delivering services that don't just meet your business goals, but surpass them.

  • Logistics Solutions -Your Go-To Partner for Smart and Streamlined Ecommerce


    Linktrans’s ecommerce logistics are the backbone of top-tier supply chains globally. Our diverse customer base encompasses pure-play e-tailers, omnichannel retailers, and a burgeoning set of manufacturers opting for direct-to-consumer sales. In every situation, we promise heightened efficiency, accelerated speed, and unparalleled visibility, complemented by the significant value of data-driven decision-making. These companies aspire for what their customers seek, and our agile technology swiftly aligns with their expectations. From reliable fulfillment across a complex array of SKUs to all-encompassing reverse logistics, we consistently deliver superior results at scale, proactively facilitating growth with our ecommerce logistics solutions.

  • Logistics Solutions -Industrial Raw Materials


    Revolutionizing Parts and Raw Materials Management for Increased Uptime at Reduced Costs


    At Linktrans, we recognize the pivotal role that effective management of parts and raw materials can play in industrial operations. Our offerings are engineered to deliver flexible, streamlined, and cost-efficient management of your industrial raw materials, driving maximum uptime and productivity.

    Our avant-garde inventory management system offers real-time tracking of parts and raw materials, ensuring optimal inventory levels and minimizing the risk of downtime due to shortages. 

    Furthermore, our flexible management solutions can be customized to your unique requirements and scaled according to your business's growth. With Linktrans, you're not just optimizing your supply chain—you're transforming it into a lean, cost-saving machine that drives superior operational performance.