Our team

Zhang Yiyu


Zhang Yiyu, with 20 years in logistics, founded Guangdong linktrans Logistics and Yingcang Technology, and leads Linktrans Group. He transitioned to cross-border logistics in 2010, developed a logistics visualization system in 2015, and established the first overseas warehouse in the US in 2018. During the pandemic, linktrans ensured the supply of Chinese goods overseas, reinforcing its industry leadership.

Gao Guangyu

PVice President & General Manager

With nearly 15 years in logistics, he led the creation of Lianyu's cross-border e-commerce platform. He excels in supply chain integration and product development, earning unanimous praise for his high-quality products.


PVice President

As one of the founders of  LinkTrans Logistics &US LinkW , and the chief editor of 'Cross-Border Logistics SO Easy', I currently serve as the Vice President of LinkTrans Group and the head of the Product Development Center. Known as the internet celebrity 'Cross-Border LAO Fan', I am committed to introducing professional knowledge to the public in an engaging manner. My unique and professional perspectives in “LAO Fan's Cross-Border Space Station' have attracted a large number of followers, making me a trendsetter in the industry and earning me the nickname 'The Big Internet Celebrity of Cross-Border Logistics.”

Wu Linsen

CEO & General Manager of the Garden Trade Business Department

As one of the founders of LinkTrans Logistics, I have nearly two decades of experience in the logistics field, accumulating deep expertise in supply chain resource integration and application. Moreover, I have demonstrated exceptional skills in public relations maintenance, precise risk control, and maintaining stable relationships with key clients.

Li Xiaocong

PVice President &General Manager

As a co-founder of LinkTrans Logistics, I've been immersed in the logistics sector for twenty-three years. In the past, I held the positions of Marketing Director and Division Head at LinkTrans. When the era of e-commerce took off in China, I led my team to defy the odds and grow, turning us into a leading cross-border e-commerce logistics company.
In a stunning shift in 2023, I assumed the role of General Manager of the Overseas Division and embarked on a journey to the United States, all in pursuit of creating a more solid backend service for LinkTrans.